Craftsman course

About Craftsman course

In this course, you will learn all the skills of ISE-KATAGAMI craftsmen.
ISE-KATAGAMI has four processes: preparation, HORI, URABARI, and TSURIKIRI.
You will learn the process by making three patterns.
In addition, you can learn the skills necessary for a craftsman such as how to sharpen a KOGATANA(knife) and how to make paste.

We recommend it for people like this.
・People who like kimonos and want to know about the production process of kimonos and yukatas
・People who want to experience a craftsman
・People who are studying dyeing and want to learn Japanese  traditional textile
・People who want to become an ISE-KATAGAMI craftsman


Make 3 designs of ISE-KATAGAMI.

You will make 3 designs of ISE-KATAGAMI in 5 days. This course will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for ISE-KATAGAMI craftsmen. It’s very hard, but you can spend fulfilling days in a traditional Japanese house.

Four steps of ISE-KATAGAMI

ISE-KATAGAMI has four processes. Preparation, HORI(cut paper), URABARI(put white paper at back), and TSURIKIRI(Finishing). You can’t memorize it at once, so you will do this process 3 times.
By doing so, you can acquire the skill of the craftsman.

Learn how to make tools and glue.

Craftsmen need more than knowledge and skills. At KIMONO Craft, you will learn how to sharpen a KOGATANA(knife) and how to make paste necessary for URABARI.

Let’s Enjoy Shiroko

It’s not fun to just work. Let’s visit a craftsman’s house for a break or take a walk together in Shiroko, a town of Kimono. If you are lucky, you can meet craftsman in town.
(include Accommodation and material costs)


person(max 5) Total price
2 people 162,000yen
3 people 238,000yen
4 people 314,000yen
5 people 390,000yen