ISE-KATAGAMI is a tool used to dye Kimono, Yukata and Tenugui(Japanese towel). There are two ways to make Kimono. One is hand-drawn Yuzen, a method of making by hand. The other one is called Katazome(stencil dyeing), which was created to mass-produce Kimono. ISE-KATAGAMI is a tool used Katazome.
The origin of ISE-KATAGAMI is said to be more than 1200 years ago. There is a local legend that a priest of Koyasu-Kannon-ji temple came up with the idea of stencil dyeing when he saw a worm-eaten leaf. And in the Edo period, it was protected by the Edo shogunate, so the technique was dramatically improved.
ISE-KATAGAMI uses JIGAMI. JIGAMI is made from layers of Mino Japanese paper and processed with persimmon juice. This process makes paper very resistant to water.

ISE-KATAGAMI has four techniques. Tsukibori, Kiribori, Dogubori and Hikibori. These are techniques that requires many years of training. At KIMONO Craft, you uses mainly Hikibori and Dogubori.
Recently, ISE-KATAGAMI is exhibited in museums in Switzerland, Germany and France.

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About Shiroko, the village of Kimono

Production of the ISE-KATAGAMI was only allowed to Shiroko by the Edo Shogunate. Therefore, ISE-KATAGAMI were produced at Shiroko and distributed to the dyers throughout Japan. So Shiroko, Suzuka, Mie, was the birthplace of kimono fashion.
There were about 1000 ISE-KATAGAMI craftsmen, but now there are only about 20. It is becoming a very valuable craft.

About KIMONO Craft

KIMONO Craft started out with the desire to let many people know the production process of real Kimono and Yukata.
We have three courses.
The first one is the course you can experience easily at ISE-KATAGAMI. This course is for people who want to experience Japanese traditions during sightseeing.
The second one is a tour that you make your own Kimono and visit a dye factory and a Kimono tailor. It is recommended for people who want to experience something special or make your own original kimono.
The third one is to experience the work of craftsman. It is a very hard course for 5 days, but it is a very suitable course for the skill acquisition and the craftsman experience.
At KIMONO Craft, you use real tools used by craftsmen. Please feel the spirit of the craftsman from the tool.