The village of KIMONO

Workshop that you can experience a KIMONO craftsman

We want people to know about real KIMONO, YUKATA, and traditional Japanese fabric.
In our workshop, you can work as a craftsman and make your own KIMONO and YUKATA.
Also you can visit the houses of craftsmen and dyeing factories, and use the tools that craftsmen used.
Let's feel KIMONO craftsman.

The village of KIMONO

If you walk in Shiroko, you can see ISE-KATAGAMI craftsmen working by the window.
1200 years ago, ISE-KATAGAMI were born and Shiroko has been the center of kimono fashion since then.
ISE-KATAGAMI craftsmen make dyeing tools and distributed them to dyeing factories all over Japan.

VIP tour of KIMONO

You can make KIMONO or YUKATA with your original patterns.
And you don't just make it, you visit ISE-KATAGAMI craftsman, dye factories and KIMONO tailors.
This is a 3-day tour that ordinary people cannot experience.

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Craftsman Course

We teach the work of ISE-KATAGAMI craftsman such as how to make KATAGAMI of KIMONO and YUKATA, how to sharpen KOGATANA(knife), and how to make NORI(paste).
You can spend very fulfilling 5 days.

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1Day Course

In this course, you can experience ISE-KATAGAMI in 1 day.
You can learn about ISE-KATAGAMI and experience ISE-KATAGAMI.
And also take a walk around Shiroko.

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Feel the craftsmen spirit at KIMONO village.



Shiroko 1-10-6, Suzuka-city, Mie, Japan
Nearest station : Shiroko Station(7min to walk)