1Day course

About 1DAY Course

The workshop will start at 10: 30 in KIMONO Craft.
First, We will give a lecture on the history and techniques of ISE-KATAGAMI.
If you are interested, let’s eat UDON. (It is not included in the price.)
In the afternoon, You will work on ISE-KATAGAMI.
After finishing the work, take a walk in the town of Shiroko and visit the craftsman’s house.
And we finish the finishing touches at 17: 30.
We will give you a TENUGUI(Japanese hand towel) and ISE-KATAGAMI as souvenirs.

We recommend it for people like this.
・People who want to know about the production process of Kimono and Yukata
・People who want to know about ISE-KATAGAMI


Let’s Enjoy Shiroko

It’s not fun to just work. Let’s visit a craftsman’s house for a break or take a walk together in Shiroko, a town of Kimono. If you are lucky, you can meet craftsman in town.


(include Accommodation and material costs)


person(max 5) Total price
2 people 32,000yen
3 people 47,000yen
4 people 62,000yen
5 people 77,000yen